Below are a list of some of the popular services we offer, however as engineers and skilled technicians we can turn our hand to almost any job or project, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Engine Tuning
Our speciality! We will build and tune your engine to suit your budget and the specification and configuration you require. We cater for all forms of motorsport or fast road cars. Anything from mild to wild, Mayfairs to Miglias. We offer a comprehensive advanced engineering service which includes in-house machining, honing, balancing, blueprinting, ferrous and alloy welding. We can arrange rolling road testing as required.

We will also build your gearbox and transmission ancillaries to accommodate the power of your engine and to suit the primary purpose of your car. Many variants are available including four and five speed boxes with either helical or straight cut gears.

Suspension and Steering Geometry
Minis are renowned for their excellent handling however we can improve vastly on the basic setup. We can supply and fit negative camber kits, adjustable ride height suspension, adjustable tie bars, competition bushes, solid sub-frame mounts, rose joints, anti-roll bars as well as conventional and coil over shock absorbers. Furthermore, using state-of-the-art laser equipment, we can set up the alignment, tracking, castor and camber angles to give optimal handling.

Brakes are a frequently neglected item on tuned cars. We will ensure that your brakes are capable of coping with the power of your new engine. A number of systems are available including, two, four or six pot calipers, plain or vented discs, up-rated hydraulic systems (including on-board pipe work and adjustable bias valves) as well as alloy finned drums for the rear.

Car Preparation
We undertake all aspects of car preparation including fitting of safety equipment (roll cages, fire extinguisher systems, cutout switches, competition -FIA approved seats and harnesses) sports instrumentation and dashboards for racing or rallying, auxiliary lights, competition wiring, right hand fuel tanks, braided stainless steel (Aeroquip) hosing, high performance fuel pumps, sump guards, etc

We will also organise body modifications such as panel replacement, seam welding, wheel arch extensions as well as painting, graphics and general customising. No job is too big or too small.

We have co-ordinated the restoration of numerous cars over the years and would be delighted to take on your project; we accept all Mini models as well as most classic British sportscars.

We will carry out all mechanical repairs and service and maintain everything from the humblest road car to fire breathing racers.

Competition Testing and Vehicle Setup
If you are dissatisfied with your car’s handling, we offer an evaluation and testing service in which we can optimise its setup. This service is offered with primarily circuit racers in mind and where small tweeks can make big differences to lap times.

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